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How to Hire a Business Attorney

Top ten topics to review in a preliminary interview with a Business Attorney prospect.


Have you have ever tried to hire a Business Attorney and found out… they weren’t really a “business” attorney? Have you shopped around looking for the right fit and just didn’t seem to click with the Attorneys you are talked to? Are you frustrated trying to weed through different firms and really not sure what separates a quality Business Attorney from a General Practitioner Attorney?

Well, look no further. We’ve developed the top 10 topics and questions for you to use in a preliminary interview. Start asking these hard questions and you will learn right away if the attorney you are talking to is a good fit for your business.

  1. What is a capitalization plan & why do I need one for my business?
  2. What kind of connections will I need to succeed in business?
    Do you have good connections in these areas?
    If I become a client will you help me get connected to these people?
  3. What are you looking for in a client relationship?
    Since attorneys usually are looking for relationships based on success, what will I need to bring to the table in order to have a successful relationship with your firm?
    How do we know that your firm is a good fit?
    What makes you different and better than your competitors?
  4. Can you tell me what kind of "exposure areas" you see in my business or industry?
    How does your firm help with "Risk Management"?
    How does this apply to my business and our relationship?
  5. Can you tell me the difference between "organizing" an entity and "operating" it?
    How can we do both correctly?
  6. How soon should I worry about Intellectual Property?
    Do you help us manage our Intellectual Property?
  7. How do taxes apply to my business from both an accounting perspective and from a legal perspective?
  8. How do I know if my business model is sustainable and transferable?
    What do we need to do if our model is not good?
    How will we know if we have a good model?
    Are there areas we should watch out for, or any concerns we should have?
    What kind of consulting do you offer in this area?
  9. How do we build a corporate culture?
    Do you offer consulting, advice and execution to help us improve our current culture?
  10. How do we address organizational functionality?
    Can you show us how to do this?


In a perfect world you would find a partner that is concerned about the success of your business. If they’re not going to work with you to help you make regular progress and improvements on your business, then they are not a good partner. This is one reason we put this eBook together. We want to make sure you are asking the hard questions and getting a firm who is looking out for your best interests. Ideally you may want a firm that is not only an expert in business law, but also someone who is helping you implement the ideas and solutions they suggest.

A good law firm is going to be “hands-on”, meaning they are going to work with you to deliver the results you are looking to implement. In the end it is all about execution right? So let us help you do it right. Your time is very valuable, but learning law takes away from you being profitable. We help you not only be profitable, but stay that way by only delivering the service that specifically meets your needs.

We hope you find this eBook helpful. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call.

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