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Fees & Costs

Fees and Costs

I generally estimate a flat fee for my services so that all my clients will get a fair price. Should our work effort exceed the average time expended for a particular case, I may need to charge a larger fee based upon my hourly rate. Normal reasons for doing so include the need to make more revisions than usual, more time in explaining provisions or answering questions than usual, more time or delay in obtaining or compiling data or finalizing the documents, etc. I mention these reasons not to discourage you from asking questions or having your documents prepared just the way you want, but to explain the effect that this may have on the fee I charge so that you are in a position to control costs if you wish to do so. Lastly, legal fees may be tax deductible per IRC § 212(3) as ordinary and necessary expenses related to tax determinations. For business clients see IRC § 162.

Clients generally approach us with regard to their legal issues from two schools of thought. One approach, basically a cost/transactional approach, is based on the premise that this firm generates various legal forms. A client contacts us either for a document that they perceive as a "form" or when they are in litigation for something they did without consultation or something that was done to them. We call this plan the "Form to Litigation" ("FLP"). The other approach, basically a value approach, is based on working with clients and legal counsel as a team. This creates a "flywheel" (to use a Jim Collins expression from the book From Good to Great) where a business grows exponentially as a result thereof. Our firm is based on the value approach. The work is proactive and collaborative and not reactive and competitive. We call it the "TRT Plan," which represents the three legs of a working relationship: trust, respect and teamwork. We have found the TRT Plan infinitely more successful in risk management.

Generally speaking, this firm will not enter into a fee agreement before conducting an adequate investigation of the case to determine whether it has merit and economic viability. Please remember that all communications with an attorney for the purposes of pursuing a legal matter are attorney-client privileged. Basically, this means that it may not be revealed to third parties without a client's express authority.

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Our practice serves as a resource for you and your business. We are experts in the fields of critical thinking, decision making, tax planning, getting your business back on track, digital rights management, intellectual property, dot com planning and strategies, and doing business as a profitable entity. We work with you to create a symmetrical business strategy for success while still addressing asymmetric risk.

At the law offices of Mark J. Guay, P.C., our experienced lawyer represents clients throughout the Merrimack Valley, the North Shore of Massachusetts, and throughout New England. We also serve clients in Europe. The Massachusetts cities we serve include Amesbury, Andover, Bedford, Beverly, Boston, Cambridge, Danvers, Gloucester, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ipswich, Lawrence, Lexington, Lowell, Lynn, Marblehead, Newbury, Newburyport, Peabody, Reading, Rockport, Salem, Salisbury, and Swampscott.

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