Goals and Tasks versus Core Values

Fundamentally speaking, strategic planning is basically a 3 step process. First, a company’s Vision is supposed to be abstract and directional. Most companies know it answers the question WHAT you are all about. It’s a picture of the future. Step two, your Mission Statement is your purpose.  It’s your concrete descriptive version of your raison d’être. It’s WHY you are a company.  Step three is to figure out HOW you plan to connect your Vision and your Mission. The right brain approach is to focus on core values such as trust, respect, and team work. The left brain approach is to list all the Goals and Tasks to implement the Vision and Mission. The former is more intrinsic, the latter is more extrinsic. Some companies tend to emphasize one or the other – you need both.  Thinking in the conjunctive is too often neglected because we tend to habitually follow our personal proclivities under the assumption that critical – linear thinking is the only way to go. The problem is that it fails to take advantage of lateral [non-linear] thinking. As Apple Computer coined it, we need to “think different[ly]”.

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